The customs broker

The customs broker/customs representative is a professional recognised by the General Directorate of Customs and Excise, empowered to submit goods for import or export for clearance. He or she is a professional of vital importance in commercial transactions at global level.

The customs broker/customs representative is the legal representative of the importer and exporter before the customs authorities. Their role in transactions facilitates international trade as they give their expert opinion, offer financial guarantees before the authorities and provide greater security and smoothness in payment transactions and procedures.

Customs brokers/customs representatives, as multi-logistics operators who are experts in customs and international trade legislation, logistics and transport, advise the importer and/or exporter on everything from packaging goods to their arrival at their destination. Through this efficient intervention in distribution and international trading activities they contribute to the economic expansion of the area in which they work.

The main customs broker services are the following, among others:

  • Import / export customs clearance.
  • Customs legislation: destinations and customs regimes, community agricultural policy, generalised systems of preference, anti-dumping, tariffs, trade regime, international financing, customs services, bonded warehousing, authorised receiver / shipper. 
  • Transit: domestic and community. 
  • Customs inspections at the destination, tax / customs appeals and claims.
  • Coordination of: insurance and breakdowns.

In Barcelona there are about 100 professional customs brokers/customs representatives, members of the Barcelona official customs brokers’ association.


A profession with a future


Barcelona is a strategic international trade hub. Boasting a first-class airport and seaport connecting it to the main destinations around the world, and with a terrestrial transport network that makes it a gateway to Europe, it is a global logistics benchmark in freight transport. There is considerable customs activity in the city, and its customs brokers/customs representatives therefore play a key role.

Their work assures the successful completion of the commercial transactions they supervise. The professional role of the customs broker/customs representative, able to respond to the increasing demands imposed by markets, is therefore more and more indispensable.