The history of the Barcelona official customs brokers’ association goes back to the year 1899, with the foundation of the Association of Customs brokers. In January 1923 it gained the status of a professional college with the entry into force of a royal decree setting up associations in the places where there were customs, and consequently customs brokers.

The presidents of the association from its foundation to the present have been: Emili Arnau i Mateu, José Zacarini, Miguel Lerín, Miguel Ribot, Santiago Fernández, Carlos Freixas, Xavier Freixas (interí), Gaspar Nuñez, Domingo Vernis, Juan Castelló (interí), Gaspar Nuñez, Joaquim Mª Tintoré (interí), and the current president Antonio Llobet, a customs broker with a long family tradition in the profession.

Its current headquarters at Carrer de Diputació, 295, Barcelona, were opened in 2007.

The association is a member of the following bodies:

  • The Catalan council of customs brokers’ associations.
  • The Spanish general council of customs brokers’ associations (in turn part of Confiad, Clecat, Asapra, IFCBA).
  • Occupational training for customs agency employees.
  • Barcelona port authority