News alerts (Circulars)
The association offers a minute by minute e-mail information service on all the news and topics of interest in the practice of the profession, and deals with any telephone enquiries made to it.
The association has an important commitment to the training and professional development of customs brokers/customs representatives, associated companies and their employees. Throughout the year it organises large numbers of training courses and sessions.
The association offers advice on customs and anti-dumping legislation, tariffs, documentation, entry to the profession, currency, agricultural policy, employment, tax and accounts.
Clearance agent’s carnets
The association deals with submission to the customs authorities of carnets for signing documents, and makes up those for processing.

The following documents and other items are required for every application for a carnet:

For processing:

- National identity card
- Letter to the association requesting recognition and registration of the employee.
- Sworn declaration. 
- Two passport-size photographs. 
- Registration sheet. 
- White card. 

In the case of grant of powers:

- Letter to the authorities requesting recognition and registration of the employee’s powers. 
- Original and two photocopies of the grant of powers (in the case of a company the original must be endorsed by the companies register). 
- Form recording the signature of the holder of powers. 
- Forms with an up-to-date list of the holders of powers at the agency. 
- Original and photocopy of the TC2 form or social security registration document. 
- Identity card of the holder of the powers

The forms, sworn declaration and registration sheet are supplied free of charge by the secretary of the association. 

In the case of holders of powers, you are informed that the customs authorities cannot accent any withdrawals from the register which are not accompanied by the revocation of powers before a notary, for which reason the association cannot accept applications which do not have the said notarial document attached.

Legal advice
The association offers all its members and associates a continuous legal advice service on tax matters and customs law. Its lawyer Irene Guardiola Lapuente(, a specialist in international trade, has the job of responding to all enquiries in this field.
Consultancy for AEO certification
EThe association helps companies whose professional business is subject to customs law to prepare to obtain the Authorised Economic Operator’s certificate after validation by the tax authority.
Job offers
The association has a job offer service to help newly-qualified professionals to find employment and offer companies a tool for making contact with professionals in their staff selection processes.
Technology applications
We supply a latest-generation software package for the preparation, online processing and printing of customs documentation (VirtualDua)